This Is Incense - Bells Beach
This Is Incense - Bells Beach

This Is Incense - Bells Beach

Where the bush meets the surf 

Inspired by our former hometown, Bells Beach was the very first incense scent created on the journey of This is Incense. 

We captured the essence of this special place, a historic and deeply spiritual location, where the bush meets the surf —— the scents of the Tea Tree and Eucalyptus combine, with woody notes of Sandalwood and calming Clary Sage. 

This is Incense is Australian owned and hand dipped in Victoria from blended Australian essential oils. Light up and feel the calming scent glide out, breathe in and welcome daydreaming of costal scrub and rhythmic rolling waves. 

Match Bells Beach incense with Gentle Habits playlist for an enhanced experience; 'Bells Beach Vol. 1 by Gentle Habits' 

Place incense stick in holder and ignite the tip.
Burn for 5 seconds and then blow out the flame, allowing
the stick to smoulder and fragrance the air.

To extinguish dip stick in water or press top against hard heat resistant surface.

Incense sticks are delicate, handle with care.

kOur Incense is made with Australian Blended Essential oils.

Scent Notes:

Smoky Wood
Tea Tree

60 Sticks. Each stick burns for approx. 20 mins = total approx 30 hour incense burning time