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Willow & Sage Apothecary . CS-4 Cordyceps Extract

Willow & Sage Apothecary . CS-4 Cordyceps Extract


(Cordyceps sinensis) is widely used as an Athletes tonic.  It replenishes “yin jing”  and is used to strengthen the body and mind at a fundamental level.  Traditionally, cordyceps has been used  to improve weakness, impotence and fatigue associated with aging, because of the mushrooms wide-ranging  ability to adjust the flow and levels of qi.  Cordyceps  has  been seen as a guardian of respiratory health for more than a thousand years. Much of its reputation for protecting the lungs is believed to come from its ability to promote enhanced  oxygen utilisation efficacy.

Benefits may include

Increased  stamina and athletic performance

Strengthens kidneys and adrenals

Increased cellular oxygen absorption

Enhances immune-system

Increases sexual function and libido

Protects kidney function