Friends of Shadow Bang - Will + Bear

Welcome to the first post in our Friends of Shadow Bang series.
Here we hope to tell you a little bit more about the faces behind our brands and all the great things they're doing for their communities and beyond.
First up - Will + Bear, whose beautiful hats you may have admired in store..

Our friends at Will + Bear are a small lifestyle brand based in Melbourne, Australia. Combining a higher consciousness with their love for the outdoors and life on the road, Will + Bear are committed to caring for their environment and community.

Using 100% Australian wool that is produced naturally, biodegradable and renewable, Will + Bear have crafted, beautiful, handmade hats that are helping to counter the effects of deforestation.

How? We asked Chief Will, Lauren Williams. 

Where did you find the idea to create and produce sustainable fashion?

The idea to start Will & Bear came to us on a road trip around Tasmania, our first stop was in town to try find some hats for our adventure and then we hit the road. While exploring this amazing place we started thinking about what we could do to give back and create more awareness for the beautiful environment we loved spending so much time in.

That is when we thought of Will & Bear, a unisex hat label promoting a life outdoors while helping give back to the places we all play.

Tell us about the Plant a Forest Project...

Forests are our natural air filters and water factories. They are our respite, and place of peace. We have partnered with to plant 10 trees for every hat sold. Each purchase helps counter the effects of deforestation, as well as supporting families and communities out of poverty.

Will + Bear is synonymous with life on the road. What would your ultimate road trip look like? 

12 months around Australia for sure! We have just made the decision to move out of our house and into our van full time. As of the start of May we will officially be living and working on the road across our beautiful country. The goal is to see as much of Australia and meet as many new people as we can within 12 months


 Shop Will + Bear at Shadow Bang here.


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