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We are thrilled to welcome Maddie from Auric Alchemy to the Shadow Bang family! Maddie is on a mission to encourage as many people as possible to embrace the remedies that are all around us within nature. And with products this pretty, it's no wonder you have been loving them in store. 

We spoke to Maddie about her own experiences with natural therapies, her top tips for those on the path to wellness and just how to get those pesky turmeric stains out from your clothes.

Tell us a little bit about your journey to natural therapies. 

It all started about 5 years ago, I was on anti-anxiety medication (which made me feel worse!), the pill and ran myself into the ground through work, study and a somewhat destructive social life. I was riddled with anxiety, adrenal fatigue and obsessive compulsive tendencies. I can't remember how I came across Kinesiology but I literally have it to thank for saving my life. I saw Kerry Rowett (she's amazing and an angel!) for about 1 year before I decided to leave Melbourne and move to Bondi for an ocean escape. After doing the marketing grind in Surry Hills for 4 months and then another year within social media marketing for fashion I again was at rock bottom, leading me to discovering meditation. This lead me a job at About Life (an organic health food store). It was here that I spoke to customers everyday and learned about natural alternatives for healing. This overhauled everything for me from food choices, beauty regimes and mindfulness practices. I picked the brains of the naturopath there everyday, googled ingredients and recipes, threw out everything toxic and fell in love with all things natural! (And I have never looked back!)

I came to a point where I felt like the only way I could feel truly empowered was to learn as much as I could and use this knowledge to find safe and natural alternatives that I could use for the rest of my life. This is where my passion truly is now, I haven't totally worked out completely how I will continue to deliver this message but I'll figure it out ;)


How can Auric Alchemy help the modern woman's path to wellness? 

Auric Alchemy was born from a time and place in my life where I wanted to create something that can raise your vibe and emotions in that very moment. I was working in Byron in a high stress job (yep people have jobs there!) and would go to the bathroom and spritz myself with the scents and take a few deep breathes and emerge far more centered and calm. It is something you can have with you anywhere that can create a safe, calm and beautifully aromatic space around you as soon as you use it. For me healing is all about empowerment, women are targeted so heavily by the media for beauty products that are causing so much harm, and hey I still love to smell amazing (minus the toxins!) so I hope I can help others feel emotionally balanced and also amazing as they make others swoon with their aroma. 

What are some simple switches we can make to embrace the natural therapies that are all around us? 

There are so many natural remedies that are readily available to us! My advice is keep it simple. The two areas I would urge people to pay attention to would be beauty and home. Make up, cleansers, perfumes and the like are often filled with numbers and letters on the ingredients list that we have no clue what they mean. Our skin absorbs everything we put on it and is our largest organ, so start there and watch your overall health improve. 

When it comes to home care many people are blasting their homes with bleach and other chemicals, my biggest natural home hack is bi-carb soda! I mix this in a spray bottle with water, tea tree or eucalyptus and some white vinegar. It kills germs, mould and nasty smells, and I recently discovered is the only thing that gets turmeric stains off tea towels and clothes ;) 

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